• Urological Society of India - West Zone

    Maharashtra, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Diu and Daman

  • The Society's Mission Is To Enable Urologists in
    Education, Research and Advanced Patient Care.

  • USIWZ - Academy


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  • About USIWZ

    Founded in 1990 during a small office meeting in Mumbai at the hands of a few stalwarts of Zone Urology family is almost 30 years old and encompasses more than 750 members from all over Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Goa, Diu and Daman.

    Germinated with the prime objectives of focussing on issues relevant to the urologists of Western India the society has fast grown in magnanimity with objectives 
    spanning academic, social and philanthrophic fields.

    To bring about global change in urology care, attempts are being made to reach out to other specialities, paramedics and common man at large, through our scientific, 
    educational and social initiatives, and pub

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  • Dr. Anil Bradoo

    Dear fellow members, 

    Festive greetings! 

    This unusual coincidence of concomitantly leading both USI- West Zone amd MUS brings to my mind the visual of a satellite image. 

    One that starts with a huge home that progressively reduces to a dot as the picture gets bigger. We are dots that connect the urology world to give that big picture. 

    Contributing  significantly to urology in every possible way to create a quality group in the USI - West zone shall be our primary motto. 

    Each of you is a capable professional who can contribute to the might and growth of  the West zone. Seriously there are no compartment

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  • Dr. Prashant Mulawkar

    Dear Fellow members,

    At the outset wishing you a happy new year. 

    It seems that the COVID-19 pandemic is still going to last a few more months. So many of the academic activities are likely to be virtual meetings.

    The first agenda of our new body is the membership drive. We have started a scheme called “Member get a member”. In this scheme, sponsors of new members inducted in the USIWZ would get prize/ certificate of appreciation. 

    This drive has already gained momentum. It is expected that we should be able to add at least hundred members within few months

    We have planned a year full of different activities as follows. Some of these are:-

    Short deba

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Dr. Jaikishan Lalmalani

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Dr. Lalit Shah

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Dr. Prashant Mulawkar

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Dr. Ashish Rawandale Patil

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Dr. Prashant Bhagwat

Council Member

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Dr. Sadashiv Bhole

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Dr. P P Rao

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